Week 1MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFriday
Breakfast:Selection of Wholegrain Cereals and ToastSelection of Wholegrain Cereals and Tea cakesSelection of Wholegrain Cereals and ToastSelection of Wholegrain Cereals and Breakfast muffinsSelection of Wholegrain Cereals and Toast
Morning Snack:Homemade Muesli bar and MilkFruit platter and milk.Fromage fraise and bananaCarrot sticks, pepper sticks and hummus + milkFruit platter and milk.
Lunch:Cheese and vegetable past bakeCottage pie, carrots and swede.Sausage casserole, mash potatoes + mixed veg.Chicken dinner, carrots, cabbage and roast potatoes.Beef lasagne and Garlic bread.
Dairy Free:Vegetable and tomato pasta bake.See aboveSee aboveSee abovePasta bolognaise
Vegetarian:Cheese and tomato pasta bakeQuorn cottage pie, carrots and swede.Quorn sausages.Vegetable fingers, carrots, cabbage and roast potatoes.Vegetable lasagne with garlic bread.
Pudding:Homemade sponge and custard.Fruit puree and ice cream / Fruit salad (d/f)Rice pudding made with coconut milk.Homemade fruity flapjacks.Fruit trifle / fruity jelly (d/f)
Afternoon Snack:Salmon and Cucumber sandwiches.Tuna, mayo and sweetcorn wraps with salad.Cream crackers with cheese spread and paste.Veg pizza fingers and fruit.Pancakes, strawberries and vanilla cream.
Week 2MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFriday
Breakfast:Selection of wholegrain cereals and fruit loaf.Selection of wholegrain cereals and Toast.Selection of wholegrain cereals and Crumpets.Selection of wholegrain cereals and Toast.Selection of wholegrain cereals and Fruit.
Morning Snack:Fruit platter with milk.Sweet potato sticks, dip and milk.Fruit platter and milk.Cucumber and carrot sticks with Tzatziki.Banana bread.
Lunch:Fish pie + carrotsChicken pie, mash and peas.Minced beef and vegetable casserole.Macaroni cheese with ham and tomato.Leek and potato soup, with bread and butter
Dairy Free:Dairy free fish pie + carrotsSee aboveSee aboveVegetable, tomato and ham bake.See above.
Vegetarian:Fish pie and carrots.Cheesy veg pie, mash and peas.Quorn mince and vegetable casserole.Macaroni cheese and tomato bake.See above.
Pudding:Fromage fraise and BananaFruit Puree + semolinaHomemade shortbread biscuits and Satsuma.Stewed apples and custard.Rice pudding made with coconut milk.
Afternoon Snack:Pasta saladChicken and pepper wraps.Ham and cheese sandwiches.½ jacket potato, cheese and pineapple.Fruit smoothie with cheese spread sandwiches.
Week 3MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFriday
Breakfast:Selection of wholegrain cereal and fruit.Selection of wholegrain cereal and toast.Selection of wholegrain cereal and toast.Selection of wholegrain cereal and fruit loaf.Selection of wholegrain cereal and fruit.
Morning Snack:Bagel chips + hummus with milk.Rice cakes and banana with milk.Fruit platter and milk.Cheese twists + dip with milk.Homemade shortbread biscuit and milk.
Lunch:Fish in butter sauce, sweet potato mash, and cabbage.Cheesy chicken and bacon with new potatoes and beans.Beef meatballs in onion gravy with mash and peas.Carrot and lentil spaghetti bolognaise with garlic bread.Toad in the hole with mash, carrots and gravy.
Dairy Free:Fish in tomato sauce with sweet potatoes and cabbage.See above – no cheese.See aboveSee aboveSausage, mash, carrots and gravy.
Vegetarian:See aboveCheesy quorn fillets with new potatoes and beans.Quorn meatballsSee aboveQuorn sausages.
Pudding:Fruit puree and ice cream. / Fruit salad (d/f)Homemade shortbread biscuit and pear.Rice pudding made with coconut milk.Fromage fraise and berries.Rhubarb and custard.
Afternoon Snack:Puff pastry pizza with peppers and Feta cheeseCous cous saladTuna and onion wraps with salad.Pitta bread, cucumber, celery and carrot sticks with hummus.Egg and cress sandwiches with fruit.